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Monika Varga was born in Hungary where she completed her fine art degree. Following that she decided to move to Italy and do further studies in art. It was in Milan where Monika discovered that she would like to get involved in designing fashion and, above all, create her own fabrics, unique prints of geometric, pictorial and floral designs, where everything she has seen and loved returns. All of these patterns are reinterpreted into digital prints with the latest hi-technology. Fresh and bright in summer on fine silk or soft and mellow on jersey in winter.



When did your artistic journey begin?
My artistic path starts from the Brera Academy in Milan, where I cultivated my passion for painting and art in general. That's where I started painting on canvas and then I moved naturally and spontaneously to the world of fabric and fashion.

Where do you get inspiration for the fantasies of your fabrics (digital prints)?
I love Milan, the city I live in. At the same time when the opportunity comes I will run away and take refuge in quiet places where nature with it's silence, it's colors and it's harmony lulls me and transports me to places of the mind where my inspiration becomes the protagonist of my thoughts. So, I can say that my prints smell of nature but are born and live in the city.

How do you associate the print with the type of fabric?
It is the fabrics with their characteristics and their textures that draw the print to itself. The smooth and silky ones call for brighter prints and elegant looks, while jacquard fabrics prefer more simple prints to enrich them with their textures. Of course the expectation is to always give life to the perfect encounter between technique and art.

What is at the frontline of your collection that one can't miss in the wardrobe?
Definitely our wrap dress, in crepe jersey with a feminine cut. A crossover neckline that highlights the décolleté, a well-defined waist and softness on the sides make it always well worn by all. It's strength lies in it's practicality combined with elegance. One can wear it in the office or anywhere in the city but it is also perfect to pack up and take it on a trip away.

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